Texas Governor Rick Perry calls for US troops to fight Mexico’s drug war

For a man who is supposedly not running for president, Texas Governor Rick Perry certainly has taken to the national media in recent weeks.

But to be fair to reporters, he’s usually full of surprises. Take Perry’s Thursday appearance on MSNBC, where he suggested that US troops may soon be needed to fight the ever-escalating battle between Mexico’s military and the drug cartels.

Coming from the governor who once said Texas may just leave the United States if he doesn’t like President Obama’s policies, that’s a pretty big leap.

Perry presides over a state which elected its largest majority of Republican legislators ever during the 2010 midterms, yet the state faces a budget gap of nearly $28 billion. Some Texas Republicans have been discussing ways they could get the state out of Medicare or certain requirements of the recently passed health reform laws and Texas remains the lone holdout in the fight against EPA regulations on greenhouse gases.

While Republican Rick Perry of Texas did specify that the US administration should secure an agreement with Mexico before sending in the military, he didn’t leave much wiggle room in his proposal.

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