Is HAARP About To Open The Sixth Seal?

The Central/Northern Arkansas area is one of the most heavily chemtrail sprayed locations on the planet. There is also a rather large HAARP base that is located right around the Missouri-Arkansas border at the very south central Missouri/north central Arkansas border region.

In this same area where the HAARP base is located, there is an extremely heavy amount of chemtrailspraying that goes on by jet fighters. In addition to this, in that same area where the HAARP base is at, there is also a very big amount of UFO activity, UFO abductions, and incidents related to the Mothman phenomenon. There have also been significant cattle mutilations that have been occurring in this area.

Now we have 5,000 blackbirds suddenly dying at once in the same area and a massive die off of 100,000 fish in the Arkansas river.

And it is not just the fish and birds that have been acting strange in this region in recent times. In the recent years there was also a massive migration of spiders and snakes in this same region. Millions of snakes and spiders migrated out of the region in unison. The scientists that investigated this concluded that the spiders and snakes were leaving Arkansas in mass because of some kind of disturbance in the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

So, it is very highly likely that the HAARP base that is located at the Missouri-Arkansas border is what is causing all of this. It would also explain all of the recent earthquake swarms that were occurring in Arkansas and also Indiana earlier. They may be getting ready to set off the New Madrid fault zone, or even worse yet, they may be getting ready to trigger the Caribbean fault line.

The New Madrid and The Great Lakes region is connected to the Caribbean fault system. Based on the way the Mid-Continental United States is geologically formed, if someone wanted to trigger the Caribbean plate system – the best way to do so would be to first destabilize the Caribbean plate….

This could be accomplished by destabilizing the sea floor bed of the Gulf of Mexico. This has in fact already been done via the BP oil rig disaster. The next thing you would have to do to set off the Caribbean plate is you would have to trigger a massive fault line rupture at the New Madrid fault zone.

This may in fact be what they are gearing up for now and would explain all of the chemstrail sprayingand the weird incidents with animals. Because HAARP can cause disturbances to the animal’s frequencies and because chemtrails go hand in hand with HAARP. In order for HAARP to work, they must also have heavy chemtrail spraying in order to help create the proper atmospheric conditions for the weapon to be used to the fullest.

Once you destabilized the Gulf of Mexico sea floor (already done) and then caused a massive rupture of the New Madrid zone, you would then be able to trigger the movement of the Caribbean plate. The movement of the plate would be towards the East. It would slip from the sea of the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to The Great Lakes region. It would generally run along the path of the New Madrid fault and the Mississippi River.

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