Early Britons were cannibals who drank out of cups made from human skulls, horde of remains reveal

They were already branded cannibals. Now it appears that early Britons also enjoyed drinking out of cups made from their victims’ heads.

The world’s oldest-known skull cups – containers meticulously fashioned from human skulls – were abandoned in a cave in Somerset’s Cheddar Gorge some 14,700 years ago, it was revealed last night.

The ghoulish utensils were unearthed more than 20 years ago but it is only now that advances in microscopy have allowed scientists to pinpoint exactly how they were made.

And although no one can be sure what they were used for, it is likely they were used to drink water – or even blood.

The skull cups may have been fashioned from the heads of vanquished enemies and used as trophies, or they could have been made as part of rituals done to honour the dead and keep their spirit alive.

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