Revealed: ‘Star Trek’ scanner that can measure damage to your body from smoking and junk food

In Star Trek, Dr McCoy was able to diagnose patients in an instant using his trusty ‘tricorder’.

Now a real-life equivalent has been developed, giving medics the ability to tell within seconds just how healthy – or unhealthy – you are.

The handheld device, the size of a computer mouse, gauges the damage that bad habits such as smoking or a fondness for junk food are having on the body.

It is hoped that the read-out, which takes as little as 30 seconds, will shock people into leading healthier lifestyles, in the same way as standing on the bathroom scales jolts many into a diet. A version suitable for home use could be on sale by this summer for as little as £175.

A similar gadget already exists in the realm of TV science-fiction – the ‘tricorder’ used to diagnose and treat illness in the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

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