“The Conspiracy” – Making It Appear “Jewish”

Editor of TTT believes strongly that a sizable portion of the so-called “alternative media” has been misguided and duped concerning the “real controllers” behind the New World Order Conspiracy (hereafter referred to simply as “the Conspiracy”). Some of the “alternative media” may actually be working for those “real controllers”, trying to get us to overly focus on “the Jews” and Israel; on the “Mark of the Beast” and other high-tech advances; etc., IN ORDER TO keep most truth-seekers from finding out who those “real controllers” are!

A sizable section of the so-called “patriot community” also appears to have been misguided and duped concerning the “real controllers” behind “the Conspiracy”. Some of these groups (including a major segment of the so-called “Christian Identity” movement) concentrate a whole bunch on “the Jews” in general, “The Protocols of Zion”, Israel, the Israeli Mossad, the Zionists, the so-called “Jewish Neo-cons” in the current U.S. Administration, Jewish Cabbalists, Jewish Bolsheviks, Jewish banksters, etc. (They love to point out that such-and-such is Jewish!)

But is the vast majority of this “anti-Jewish” and “anti-Israel” propaganda instead a massive “smokescreen” to cover for the “real controllers” working “behind the scenes”? When that certain segment in the “patriot movement” and that certain segment within the “alternative media” both tell us that “the Jews” are responsible for heading up “the Conspiracy”, are they deliberately (or, in some cases, in gross ignorance) throwing out a colossal “red herring” to get us off the “scent” of the “real controllers” behind the scenes? Surely inquiring minds would like to know who these “real controllers” are that foment wars and revolutions, create banking crises, and plan and carry out a host of nefarious activities in their drive to enslave the peoples on planet Earth!

As Dr. Stanley Monteith pointed out in one of the earlier listed quotations that was taken from his book Brotherhood of Darkness, “there are many clues” that have been deliberately planted to make the conspiracy appear “Jewish” and “to divert [our] attention away from the truth”. So let us take a look at some of the ways the “real controllers” (who operate “behind the scenes”) plant their “evidence” (their “clues”) to make the conspiracy appear to be “Jewish”.

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