Brown Dwarf Found Free-Floating In Space, Scientists Have No Idea How It Formed

Brown dwarf stars are the universe’s little oddballs.

That’s why scientists using the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii and the Very Large Telescope in Chile have been astounded to find so many of them in such a small space. According to the Subarau Telescope’s official website, scientists used the telescopes to closely examine the NGC 1333 and rho Ophiuchi star clusters and identified an abnormally high number (30 to 40) of the strange stars. Their findings will be published in two papers in the upcoming issue of The Astrophysical Journal.

The most interesting finding was of a free-floating brown dwarf that may be one of the smallest in the known universe. Because it doesn’t seem to be orbiting a star, scientists have no idea how it formed.

The small star is only about six times the size of Jupiter, according to scientists. While that’s pretty large compared to Earth (Jupiter itself could fit a little over 1,321 Earths), it’s nothing in comparison to the sun, which could fit nearly 1.3 million Earths.

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