Humans are descended from fish-like animal with a ‘sixth sense’

We may not have been able to see ghosts, but in our earlier, fish-like form, we did have a sixth sense, according to a study.

Scientists have discovered that we are descended from a predatory fish-like ancestor that roamed the oceans 500million years ago and had ‘electrosensors’ – the ability to detect electric fields in water.

It used this skill to detect prey, communicate and to find its way around.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge and Cornell University in New York believe that not just humans, but 65,000 living vertebrate species – that’s any creature with a spine or backbone – are descended from the beast.

This includes 30,000 species of land animals – including humans – and a similar number of ray-finned fish, the scientists found.

Their conclusions, which appear in the latest edition of Nature Communications, mark the culmination of 25 years of work into the subject.

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