Skynet: Hackers Dream Up Censor-Proof Satellite Internet Grid

Organizers of a project called the “Hackerspace Global Grid” want to launch a network of small, low-orbiting satellites in order to facilitate Internet access that can’t be blocked by government censors. The network would also include an array of base stations around the world. The project’s developers are excited, but doubters say it’s not going to fly.

A group of computer enthusiasts have begun working on creating a satellite network that could be used to thwart censorship on the Internet.

Called the “Hackerspace Global Grid” (HGG), the network could provide a way for activists to access the Net when a repressive regime suppresses access within its borders.

The network would be based on a number of low orbiting “cube” satellites that would be networked in a way similar to the Internet. If one satellite were to be disabled, for example, its functions could be rerouted to others in the network.

Various amateur and educational organizations — HAM radio operators, for example — have found ways to get their cube satellites in orbit, and the hacker grid hopes to use those methods, as well as others, to get its spacecraft in low orbit too, according to Nick Farr, a hacker and accountant who is working on the project.

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