Facebook is GOOD for you: Social networks relax the heart rate and trigger ‘a natural high’

'Natural high': Scientists measured the reactions of students using Facebook which suggested they were 'aroused'

Websites like Facebook may actually be good for you, according to the latest psychological study on users.

Researchers found using social networks can spark a natural high leading to a relaxed heart rate and lower levels of stress and tension.

While it seems like a solitary activity, the interaction with others via these networks has a positive effect on body and mind, said joint American and Italian research.

And that buzz could explain the massive success of social networking in general and Facebook in particular.

University researchers in Milan wired up 30 students aged 19-25, monitoring the reactions of their brain, blood pressure, skin conductance, pupil dilation and heart rate.

These readings show levels of arousal, excitement, stress and relaxation said the study for online journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking.

The students were then given three minute exercises – either looking at panoramic landscapes, a short time on Facebook or a complicated mathematical task.

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