From Darkey Springs to N***** Creek: America’s most offensive place names revealed

Disrespectful: Thousands of places in the U.S. reflect a time when demeaning names given to areas settled by racial minorities were recorded on maps

From Jewtown in Georgia to Wop Draw in Wyoming, thousands of places across the United States give an insight into the countries divisive past.

The startling list – which includes Polack Lane and N***** Creek – comes as states, local government and residents attempt to rid towns of the names.

The place names reflect a time when demeaning names given to areas settled by racial minorities were recorded on official maps and stuck.

Others have become ingrained after being repeated locally without a second thought, such as Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe.

There are 797 places with the name ‘Negro’.

There are also 1,100 Squaws, six Polacks, 10 Cripples, 58 named Gypsy, 30 Chinamans, eight Injuns, 14 Sambos, 30 Spades, and too many Coons to count. There are also at least seven Darkeys.

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