So how DID the moon get there? Rocks from lunar surface show no traces of the ancient rock impact meant to have created it

The ancient impact with the Mars-sized rock 'Theia' which is supposed to have created the moon: Scientists have found no evidence of the rock in moon rocks today - and wonder if 'Theia' might have been a comet made of ice

A huge space rock called Theia smashed into our planet more than four billion years ago, knocking a clump of material into space, creating the moon – at least that’s the theory.

There’s just one problem: there’s no evidence that Theia was there at all.
A new study has found no trace of Theia in rocks from the moon – leaving scientists to puzzle over how our satellite got there without a Mars-sized object slamming into the young Earth.

‘A giant impact between the proto-Earth and a Mars-sized object named Theia is the favoured scenario for the formation of the Moon,’ says JunJun Chang of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

But if a huge object had slammed into Earth, and the moon is just the debris of that collision, traces of Theia should remain there – up to 40% of the satellite should be ‘made of’ Theia.

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