The ‘radio’ that can send messages THROUGH the Earth (and which could help us get in touch with ET on distant worlds)

How the communicator works: What the diagram doesn't tell us is that the transmitter is 2.5 miles long and the receiver weighs several tonnes

A new communication technology that could send a message directly THROUGH the Earth – or another planet – was shown off for the first time this week.

Scientists coded a message into beam of ‘neutrinos’ – a tiny subatomic particle – and sent it through 240 metres of solid rock. The first-of-its-kind transmission simply said, ‘Neutrino.’

Scientists think that the technology could enable submarines to stay in touch from deep in the ocean – and could help us get in touch with life forms on other worlds.

There is just one snag – at present, the only ‘transmitter’ capable of sending such a beam is a 2.5-mile long particle accelerator.
Even the receiver – a huge underground particle detector – weighs several tonnes.

But the technology has exciting possibilities.

‘Using neutrinos, it would be possible to communicate between any two points on Earth without using satellites or cables,’ said Dan Stancil, professor of electrical and computer engineering.

‘Neutrino communication systems would be much more complicated than today’s systems, but may have important strategic uses.’

Neutrinos can penetrate almost anything they encounter.

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