A private eye’s dangerous info or domain spat: another wonderful momemt of Watson’s Yellow Journalism

Alright, who’s ready to see more fallacies from Alt-Hollywood POX and the MI-5 Watson?

Back in June, Douglas Hagmann, a private investigator, claimed that the “Obama Truth Team” order GoDaddy to shut down Hagmann’s site because it contained information that was deemed “maliciously harmful to government.”

This is a screeshot of the e-mail sent to Hagmann about the issue from GoDaddy:

Screeshot of the e-mail sent to Hagmann about the issue from GoDaddy

When you look to identify the nature of the notice, it states that Hagmann’s site was in violation of Section 7 of the Domain Registration Agreement. Now, what exactly does domain registration have to do with the site being harmful to government?

From the Go Daddy Domain Name Registration Agreement:

7. suspension of services; breach of agreement

You agree that, in addition to other events set forth in this Agreement:

Your ability to use any of the services provided by Go Daddy is subject to cancellation or suspension in the event there is an unresolved breach of this Agreement and/or suspension or cancellation is required by any policy now in effect or adopted later by ICANN;
Your registration of any domain names shall be subject to suspension, cancellation or transfer pursuant to any ICANN adopted specification or policy, or pursuant to any Go Daddy procedure not inconsistent with an ICANN adopted specification or policy (a) to correct mistakes by Go Daddy or the registry operator in registering any domain name; or (b) for the resolution of disputes concerning any domain name.

You agree that your failure to comply completely with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any Go Daddy rule or policy may be considered by Go Daddy to be a material breach of this Agreement and Go Daddy may provide you with notice of such breach either in writing or electronically (i.e. email). In the event you do not provide Go Daddy with material evidence that you have not breached your obligations to Go Daddy within ten (10) business days, Go Daddy may terminate its relationship with you and take any remedial action available to Go Daddy under the applicable laws. Such remedial action may be implemented without notice to you and may include, but is not limited to, cancelling the registration of any of your domain names and discontinuing any services provided by Go Daddy to you. No fees will be refunded to you should your Services be cancelled or terminated because of a breach.

Go Daddy’s failure to act upon or notify you of any event, which may constitute a breach, shall not relieve you from or excuse you of the fact that you have committed a breach.

From this, it doesn’t help matters from GoDaddy’s side of things due to this section of the registration agreement being quite vague. There is no detail presented here as to what policy Hagmann’s site had violated other than what can be assumed as inaccurate or misleading information associated with the domain name.

There is one interesting aspect about Hagmann’s domain name:


At first sight, one would presume that this domain is affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Upon entering the site, it’s title reads: Northeast Intelligence Network

It’s clear that the title and content of the site indicate no affiliation with DHS. This site would be considered, by its domain name, a misrepresentation of DHS and the US Government, which is close to a trade name violation. It’s clear that a trade name dispute occurred against Hagmann and therefore the request to move or even to take down his site would have been legitimate.

However, upon looking at whois records, the domain registration was moved from GoDaddy to Network Solutions the day prior to the release of MI-5 Watson’s wonderful and creative display of yellow journalism. This would indicate, for now, that a domain registration violation was specific only to the terms set by GoDaddy.

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