Changing fashions: Neanderthal man used bird feathers ‘for decoration and ornaments’

Neanderthal man is likely to have used bird feathers to decorate himself, according to new research.

Evidence found in the cave homes of our evolutionary cousins, who were likely killed off 30,000 years ago as modern man stepped forward, suggests that feathers were stripped from the remains of birds, to perhaps be worn as decorative ornaments or early jewellery.

Gibraltar Museum researchers Clive Finlayson and Kimberly Brown studied bird bones found at European sites used by Neanderthal man – and found that bird wings containing large feathers had regularly been chopped and carved by the inhabitants.

The latest theory draws more credence to the suggestion that the early hominids had a strong sense of tradition and culture.

Neanderthal man goes on a hunting mission: Researcher believe bird feathers may have been used as decoration by the early hominids

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