‘Wizard for the 21st century’ uses crystal balls to predict the Equinox so accurately that each model is fine-tuned to your postcode

A ‘wizard’ for the 21st century has conjured up a ‘Solar Eye’ device which uses fixed crystal balls to accurately plot the Equinox.

Blacksmith Pete Smith, from Hereford, took two years of trial and error to perfect his ‘solar sun dial’ which optically traces the relationship between the sun and earth.

The hand-crafted Solar Eye not only predicts the precise timing of the equinox, but shows how the sun’s zenith, or highest point, changes throughout the year.

The model is so accurate that – when he sells miniature models – he tweaks them depending on the buyer’s postcode, as the Equinox is slightly different in, for instance, Cornwall than it is in the Orkney Islands.

Pete Smith with his Solar Eye device, which optically traces the relationship between the sun and earth

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