‘It was very large, brown and hunched’: Bigfoot hunter tells cops he was attacked by legendary beast – while looking for proof of its existence

An avid Bigfoot hunter claims to have been the victim of a violent attack – from the dreaded beast itself.

John Reed was driving his Winnebago late at night when someone – or something – started throwing rocks at the vehicle, damaging its windows and tail lights.

The motorist told police his assailant was hunched, brown and ‘very large’, though he was unfortunately unable to see how hairy the mysterious presence was.

At the time he was targeted by the apparent Sasquatch, Mr Reed was driving the vehicle he calls the ‘dog house’ around rural Pennsylvania searching for signs of Bigfoot.

He claims he was successful in his quest – but when he turned on the Winnebago’s lights to see better, the vehicle was hit by a hail of rocks which enabled the attacker to get away.

Mr Reed subsequently took to Facebook to write, ‘ROCKS THROWN THROUGH THE DOG HOUSE WINDOW……VANDELISM?? OR SQUATCH ATTACK?!!!!!!!! [sic]‘.

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