Raiding the tomb of the Holy Snake Lord: Researchers uncover 7th Century resting place of the Maya’s great warrior queen

Archaeologists in Guatemala say they have discovered the tomb of Queen Kalomt’e K’Abel, one of the great warrior queens of the Maya civilisation who was dubbed ‘the Holy Snake Lord’.

The Holy Snake Lord: Archaeologists say this tiny alabaster vessel shows a depiction of Queen Kalomt’e K’Abel, considered one of the great warrior queens of the Maya civilisation

The tomb, which has lain undisturbed for centuries, was found during excavations of the royal Maya city of El Perú-Waka, in the sweltering Petén jungle region in northern Guatemala.

Among a hoard of glistening jade jewels, the archaeologists found in the seventh-century tomb a small alabaster vase showing the image of the queen’s face and inscribed with her name.

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