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7-20-8 – Brotherhood of the Snake.

Spirituality vs religion; ancient and modern day preist class; secret societies; genetic manipulation and the origins of man; Genesis; hidden knowledge; symbolism; the pyramids.



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Best of the Global Reality 9-19-8 – Reverend Doomsday.

911, put options, insurance money, John O’Neill, AIG, Larry Silverstein, Blackstone Group, WTC-7, CFR, financial bonanza, Frank Lowery, Westfield America, Port Authority, 99 year lease, richest real estate prize in New York history, 10.6 million sq ft, The Mall, 427,000 sq ft, Universal Studios, United Airlines, 1997, Banker’s Trust, Deusche Bank, call options, shorts, shares, insider trading, Black Tuesday, Morgan Stanley Dean Whittier, Merrill Lynch, reinsururers, CNP, The Clarion Fund, Hunt, LaHaye, JBS, Pioneer Fund, RNC, McCain, Hagee, Left Behind, holograms, Babylon, W, Moral Majority, Bob Jones University, masons, Institute for Creation Research, The Act of Marriage, Californians for Biblical Minority, Liberty University

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