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Global Reality Show, Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Skousen, CNP, Glenn Beck, bible, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, bloodlines, Fabian society, New Right, Iran, Stewart Swerdlow and more

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12-2-8 – New Right.

The real story of the New Right; the information you won’t hear in mainstream media.
Audio clipz and reading.

Audio from the documentary King of America, an exposé of right-wing fundraiser and Unification Church (“Moonies”) founder Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Jeb Bush, Coors, Scientology, Fabian Socialists, Reverend Doomsday, Tim Lahaye, Babylon Rising, Russia, civil war, policy, GOP, demographics, grassroots, Russ Belant, The Coors Connection, Center for Strategic International Studies, Pioneer Fund, Tom Ellis, SIL, Cliveden Set, Hunt, Helms, Reagan, Sinclair, Schlaffly, Nelson Rockefeller, Pat Buchanan, Mankind Quarterly, segregation movement, Robert Cecil, Cecil Rhodes, Lionel Curtis, H.G. Wells, Carol Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishment, Walter Lippman, Paris Peace Treaty, Treaty of Versailles, 1919, CFR, CNP, IAAEE, Knights of the Military Hospitalier Order of St. Lazarus of Jeruselem, Hospitaliers of St. Lazarus, Neo-Nazis, Edinborough, Scotland, Racial Preservation Society, June 24, WACL, SS, Institute of the Study of Man, Heritage Foundation, Tavistock Institute, Committee of 300, Fabian Coefficients, The Inquiry, Carnegie Trust, RIIA, Knights de Malta, London School of Economics, Religious Roundtable, Jerome Corsi, Paul Craig Roberts, The IntelStrike Report, World Bank, IMF, UN, EU, Project Meggiddo, Nelson Mandela, NKJV, NIV, The Living Bible, King Arthur, Holy Grail, Lord Tennyson, World Evangelical Fellowship, National ReviewThe Belmont Brotherhood, Howard Phillips, US Taxpayers Party, Moral Majority, Western Goals Foundation, Unification Church, Operation Phoenix, Oliver North, J Peter Grace, The Washington Times, Order of St John of Jerusalem, Christian Coalition, Amway, Eagle Forum, Equal Rights Amendment, Bad Moon RisingThe King of America, UPI, Hammerstein Ballroom, X-Files: I Want to Believe.

…Schlaffly, Beverly LaHaye, California schools… (Reverend Doomsday) …Campus Crusade… (IAAEE) …Lord Malcolm Douglas… (Seg movement) …Lord Astor… (IMF, EU) …LSE, Dr John Coleman …Limbaugh, Hannity, Heritage members… British Roundtable, masquarading as conservative to deflect attention from true agenda, using right-wing ideas to impose left-wing radical principles upon the United States, Reagan Administration, 1980, Fabian appointees, recommended by Heritage Foundation, Fabian Society, founded 1883, neither left nor right-wing but elitist, CPR, The Cecil Block, indoctrinating Christians… Oxford, Cambridge Univ… (Fabian Coefficients)… Beatrice Webb, ..Boer War.. 1902, HG Wells, Rhodes Trust, administrated by Lord Rothschild, Rhodes Roundtable, 1891, inner Society of the Elect, outer Association of Helpers, Lord Arthur Balfour, secretary, Balfour declaration, Apostles’ Club, secret societies, creation of Israel… propoganda, 1894, federation, expansion and consolidation of the British Empire, emissaries, on missions of propoganda, throughout the empire, creating a newspaper for the cause, The Jameson Raid of 1895, Boer war of 1899-1902, created Union of South Africa 1906-1910, propoganda paper in South Africa, The State, founded 1908, British Empire periodical, The Roundtable, founded 1910, Controls Times of London, coined term “British Commonwealth of Nations”… Controls RIIA, founded May 30, 1919, influences foreign policy, since Boer War, Ireland, Palestine, India, 1917-1945 …

…JP Morgan…Transnational Corporations, forerunners of world socialist state, “Rhodes’ Dream”, circumventing the current political system to fulfill agenda, religious brotherhood, …(SIL, South America)… “counterfeit” bible, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1975, NKJV, Mary C Crowley, Lahaye, Falwell …expunged verses, altered verses… (NIV) …New American Standard bible… (SIL) …Latin America… use of linguistics to neutralize resistance… use of sacred histroy to draw natives to “the faith”… overthrow of govts, puppet dictators… Wycliff Bible Translators, hired to pacify tribes, teaching natives to obey govt… (Lord Tennyson) …Spiritualist Church for Intellectuals, communicated with spirit world, channeled/informed writings… (King Arthur) …gnostic Grail cults… The Stewarts, Charlemagne, the throne of Jerusalem… (WEF) …Great Commision Global Roundtable, August 2000, Dallas TX, Christ’s mandate to evangelize all peoples… (CFR, JBS, National Review) …English-speaking Union… W. Avril Herriman Securities Corporation, Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin… Pilgrim Society, Conservative Caucus… (YAF) …WGF, AFC, Chile, Pinochet… Council for World Freedom, WACL, WCF, WR Grace Company, WE Simon, KoM, Nicarauguan Freedom fund, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, Citizens Legal Defense Fund, Helms’ top aide, Attorney Tom Ellis, The Congressional Club, Holly Coors, Helms, Religious Roundtable, lay preacher …religious right, main issues in the 90s, abortion, homosexuality, feminism, evolution, school prayer, church-state issues, gun rights, taxes… Concerned Women for America, LaHaye, founded 1979, Ed Meese, American Family Organization… (Eagle Forum) …Focus on the Family, Dobson, founded 1977, 1995 budget, $101000000…

…(King of America) …The Divine Principle, March 23, 2004, SYM crowned King of Peace, Caligiula, The Washington Times, founded 1982, SYM began ministry, South Korea, 1960s, X-Rated Church, 1970s, Moonies, mass weddings, Adam and Eve, the coming messiah, HW Bush, World Mission Center, Universal Peace Federation, NYC, Free Teens USA, Say No to Free Sex program, federally funded, the True Father of Humanity, Holy Spirit Organization for the Unification of World Christianity, World Research Institute for the Study of Technology, the Ocean King, sushi, True World Foods, supplies sushi resturaunts, Tear Down the Cross Tour, to convert Christians to Unification Church… (X-Files) …Mumbai attacks, Taj Mahal Hotel, Federal Reserve, interest rates to zero, bomb on train, NE India.

128k HQ M3U



King of America Video on Dailymotion

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